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Meet Our NEW 2018-2019 Competition Team Director!

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About Dance Company

Leigh’s School of Dance had the first established competition program in Olathe, and we want every dancer who would like to experience competitive dance to try it regardless of level.

Team dancers gain more than just strong foundation of dance skills. They learn responsibility and form lasting friendships. In our program, students are not defined by a trophy, but by the effort they put into their training, practice and performance. Our award winning staff recognizes that in order for students to achieve their goals, they need positive encouragement and support.

MORE THAN A COMPETITION TEAM. Miss Leigh’s love for performance is legendary. Sharing the joy of dance and being able to give back to the community has held a special significance for her since she first opened her doors in 1970. That’s why we believe it’s important for our team to carry on Miss Leigh’s legacy and spread that same love and joy by performing locally for nursing homes, Kids TLC, churches, Johnson County Community College, the Johnson County Fair and other community events.

We strive to offer our dancers a well-rounded training, preparing them for the future through these local opportunities and through periodic occasions to perform on a grander scale. In the past, Leigh’s School of Dance team members have danced at the Hamners’ Variety Theater in Branson (where Joe Tinoco’s Magnificent 7 entertains)…on performance cruises…and even onstage at Disneyworld!

IF YOU’RE INTERESTED in joining any of our competition teams, please contact Leigh’s School of Dance.